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Summer 2018 Hair Trends To Try Right Now

September 11, 2018 2 min read

If you’re ready for a hair change, you’re in the right place. Every year, a new wave of trends sweeps the nation. In summer 2018, nothing is off limits! Check out five of our favourite looks to rock on the beach, by the bonfire or wherever this summer takes you! That is, if you are daring enough. 


1. Back with a Bang: Hair trends come and go, but there’s one classic look that always makes a comeback: bangs. Whether they’re thick and blunt or side-swept and effortless, a little bit of fringe is the perfect way to shake things up in the beauty department.

2. Millennial Pink: If you're looking for a total revamp in your hair color this season, look no further. Millennial pink is the most talked about colour trend of the year, and one look at Instagram proves that it's moving to hair as well.

3. Amethyst Roots: The newest trend is here. If you aren’t ready to dive in to a complete bold color hair transformation but you’ve always admired the rainbow-colored hairstyles, then this trend is the perfect one for you! The result is a dark-to-light effect that fades from purple to a shade of aquamarine and a light pink opal at the ends. This trend was started by Las Vegas hairstylist Chita Beseau, and is an easy way to extend the life of your colour between touch ups!

4. Octopus Bun: This is a super easy way to elevate your top-knot for summer to get your hair off your neck and out of your face. The octopus bun is essentially your average messy bun, except at the end, you leave a few of the ends of your hair sticking out of the elastic. These ends will should be about the same length and all around the bun rather than in just one place. Spice it up a bit more by adding texture such as an extra curl, super straight strands or even crimped.

5. Space Buns: Double buns or space buns were the ‘it’ hairstyle of the 90’s—and have officially made their comeback now. Music festivals are the perfect occasion for you to go all out and make a statement with your hair in space buns!